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Serving the logistics and transport industry since 1995!

AP International is a freight broker that offers the experience of its resources combined with a state of the art technology platform to execute your logistics requirements.

You need to carry goods throughout North America (Canada and USA) and Mexico; we can assist you in providing the most efficient mean of transportation.

You need to transport goods internationally (China, Asia, Latin America and Europe) we can assist you in providing the most efficient solution (air or ocean freight) to safely carry your merchandise!

You need to warehouse and distribute goods throughout North America; let us help you!

You are faced with a complex logistics project; we can help you tackle it successfully!

Our team of specialists understands your business requirements and can identify the right logistics provider(s) to execute your transaction with only one thing in mind; your utmost satisfaction!

You can reach us at 866-977-9343

                                               HOW WOULD YOU BENEFIT FROM THE SERVICES OF A FREIGHT BROKER?

Freight Broker

For its knowledge of this vast industry;

To reach thousands of carriers in a single phone call;

For its volume when negotiating rates for you;

For its ability to deliver a solution that is 100% aligned with your requirements;

For its independance in providing solutions that perfectly fit your needs;

Freight Broker : Canada, US, Mexico




    • Trucking transportation

      • Canada, USA, Mexico
      • Less than load (LTL) or truck load (TL)
      • Closed van
      • Open deck (flatbed)
    • Rail transportation

    • Air freight

    • Ocean freight

    • Warehousing and distribution

    • Optional Cargo insurance

    • Logistics outsourcing